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Welcome to Public Journal

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

 Welcome to Public Journal

I love quotes. They tell you a lot of things in a very short form and can provide inspiration in your life. There are all kinds of quotes in the world. There are quotes for courage, for despair and quotes about you. There are quotes for special moods, for feelings and for politics.

Quotes are compressed information that allows us to convey meaning to each other quickly and efficiently. They are shared culturally among us and we intuitively understand them, even though they might take on a different meaning for me than for you. Most likely that is the reason they cling on to our minds and provide us with guidance and perspective. Sometimes they make us sad and regretful because we believed them too fanatically.

Public Journal hopes to be the home of many thousands of such quotes, although in more modern form. Quotes that consists of text, images, links and video - aimed at inspiring and provide perspective on life. Small bits of information, well presented and ready to be shared among us culturally. Welcome to Public Journal.

What my favourite quotes are…?

“Rather be a pirate than join the navy”

“Only fools clean - a true genius master chaos”